Meet Jess

How do you get better at sales?

YOU GET SUPPORT from a SEASONED PROFESSIONAL, figure out the gaps, create AN  EFFECTIVE PROCESS, THEN YOU PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  (The same way you get to Carnegie Hall wink, wink)

Why am I the best person to help you transform the way you think about sales? Let me teach you that you’re solving, not just selling.

Here’s the skinny:

I have:

  • A BA in Theatre
  • An MFA in Acting
  • Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Certification
  • Over 25 years of consultative sales experience including working as both a Regional and National Sales Trainer for two major organizations, one national and one international
  • Two years as a lead coach for a New York Times best-selling author, renowned speaking and business coach
  • Seven years of experience in my own Coaching practice
  • An understanding and empathy for the fears, resistance  and pain points of spiritual entrepreneurs
  • Effective Mindset and Energy tools to help you re-frame the way you currently feel about sales.