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Jess is a keynote speaker and she loves talking at events.

Jess has two Keynote presentations that are ideal for teams in any small business or corporate sales organization.

As humans beings, we often fall into conditioned patterns of behaviors that were learned early on in life from our parents or our primary caretakers as children.

As adults, it is important to recognize that much of this outdated survival programming may not actually be serving us in our adult lives when it comes to our relationships, both personal and professional.

This energetic alignment exercise is designed to reveal the patterns and old ways of being that can be brought forward from the subconscious into the conscious mind. We can then discern which behaviors would be better left behind and replaced with powerful and deliberate chosen energies that embody what we are here on earth to give back. 

We can support in enriching the lives of others around us along with ourselves in the process of making a few simple shifts in the way we choose to respond to life’s triggers moving forward. 

Prepare for a whole new level of personal awareness along with significant breakthroughs as you participate in the facilitation of this exercise. 

Participants will need to bring 8 index cards or pieces of paper to the session along with a pen or preferred writing instrument. 

(This presentation is ideal for a wide variety of corporate audiences where the goal is greater employee engagement, more cooperation, increased productivity and personal accountability.) 

In this keynote, Jess shares how her current relationship with her husband began and tells a highly entertaining story relating the circumstances around the courtship to the sales process. A lively and intriguing presentation for a group of more seasoned salespeople in a corporate organization. The presentation highlights key sales strategies that are necessary for sales success and helps the audience realize that we are always selling and closing “sales” even in our most personal relationships.